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Animal abuse charges leveled against 2 men; cattle seized

Accusations of criminal activity do not automatically mean that a person is guilty. In fact, a person is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise in court. Still, it can be difficult for anyone to face criminal charges, especially those relating to animal abuse, and maintaining one's innocence is not always an easy task.

Felony charges brought against man after animal abuse video

People's actions can follow them for a long time. In some cases, they could leave permanent marks on their records, especially their criminal records. If someone carries out an illegal act on a whim or other notion, they may not fully consider the ramifications that act can have until they are facing felony charges.

Death of horse leads to animal abuse charge for Texas man

An arrest can affect a person's life in many ways. When a young adult makes a decision that leads to criminal charges, the rest of his or her life could see the effects of that decision, especially if the case ends in a conviction. As a result, it is important to work toward lessening the negative outcomes for animal abuse charges as best as possible.

Texas teens facing accusations of animal abuse

What some young people may consider fun could easily land them in trouble with the law. They may think that their age will protect them from serious repercussions, but that is not necessarily the case. Even young people can be at risk of facing serious consequences if they stand accused of animal abuse.

Man arrested for abuse after throwing mother's dog, killing it

Many people are not adept at handling their emotions well. They may have angry outbursts that cause them to carry out actions that they would not have if they were able to keep their emotions under control. Unfortunately, such an outburst that involves harm to an animal could lead to abuse charges.

Animal abuse charge brought against woman after abandonment

The care of animals is taken very seriously under the law. As a result, if a person is suspected to have mistreated an animal, it is likely that he or she will face criminal charges for abuse. Of course, just because a person is a suspect does not mean that he or she is guilty, and creating a meaningful defense could help address any charges.

Texas man charged with animal abuse after throwing cat in pool

There are many times in life when people come to regret actions that they have taken. This feeling may come on rapidly if a person faces criminal charges due to those actions. In some cases, that regret may come if individuals take their frustrations out on animals and end up being accused of abuse.

Texas man under investigation for animal abuse

Many people have issues handling their anger and frustrations. Some individuals may lash out against inanimate objects, other people or even animals. When it comes to lashing out at animals, it is possible that a person letting his or her frustration out in a negative way could lead to animal abuse charges.

Animal abuse charges brought against man after dog stabbed

Lashing out in violent ways can often have serious consequences. In some cases, people may act aggressively without fully thinking about what they are doing. They often also do not expect to end up facing criminal charges as a result. However, if someone is accused of animal abuse during a violent outburst, legal issues are likely.

Young man charged with animal abuse after dog found deceased

Being accused of a crime is no one's idea of a positive situation. Still, individuals accused of animal abuse must try to make the best out of their predicaments by working toward reaching favorable outcomes for their cases. Though facing any type of criminal accusations can seem insurmountable, individuals do have legal options.

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