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Can A Protective Order Keep Your Family Safe?

When close relationships are disrupted, domestic violence and threats of violence often enter the picture. Emotions are raw, people act out of character and assault and fear may lead to a search for legal remedies. Even someone who has never been involved in legal troubles before may face the need for a restraining order or defense when another party obtains one.

If You Need Protection

A restraining order or protective order may seem like “just a piece of paper,” but it can provide timely legal remedies in case of threats or abuse. Once a protective order is in place, if the other party violates it, you will have a tool for getting immediate help from law enforcement.

If your significant other has harassed you or your children, talk to a family law attorney to discuss what to do next. At Mingledorff Law in Houston, we are ready to make your case a priority and get a timely resolution to the threats or harm you have endured so far.

If Your Spouse Or Partner Seeks Or Obtains A Protective Order

When you are on the receiving end of a restraining order, your life can become difficult. You may lose access to your home and children. You need experienced legal counsel at a time like this. Mingledorff Law was established in 1984. We are here for you to help you deal with this legal challenge and return to life as usual as soon as possible.

Evidence Of Abuse May Be Relevant In Your Family Law Matter

A protective order may have an impact on terms of the divorce or child custody order. Let an attorney know right away if a divorce is on the way and/or if you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend have mutual children.

In certain circumstances, you may request a temporary ex parte child custody order if you demonstrate evidence that there is a clear and present danger that threatens your child(ren)’s stability.

Contact Us Without Delay

You may think about calling the police during an altercation with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. If you feel you are in danger, do what you believe you need to do. However, if the situation feels more bothersome than urgent, we suggest that you talk to a lawyer first. Our Texas family law attorneys have valuable insights and counsel for you at this difficult time. We can recommend a course of action based on your unique situation and our years of experience helping other clients in similar situations.

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