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Divorce And Related Matters

Let’s admit it upfront: Divorce is no one’s cup of tea. In our modern American society, divorce may be common, but for your family, it is life-changing. You need and deserve quality legal counsel as you approach this difficult transition in your family.

The marital strife leading up to your decision to look for a divorce attorney has no doubt been stressful. Now you may worry about your changing living situation, your children’s well-being and your financial future.

Legal concerns on top of personal and practical ones can feel overwhelming. The necessary legal processes may take time and trigger more anxiety. The prospects of legal fees and scary courtroom appearances may leave you weak in the knees.

We Believe In You

Despite the difficulties associated with divorce, we as experienced family law attorneys can reassure you there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have helped many clients cope with the challenges and move on with confidence to the next chapters in their lives. We pledge to guide you cost-effectively and in your long-term best interests.

For the guidance that you need to navigate your Texas divorce, turn to Mingledorff Law in Houston. Our experience, knowledge and dedication to our clients can replace fear with resolve and direction.

We Are Prepared To Advise You In Your Best Interests

The decisions you make and the outcome of your case may affect your relationship with your children, your financial stability and in some cases, your business or professional life for years to come. At Mingledorff Law in Houston, you can count on insightful, future-oriented direction regarding:

  • Division of assets and debts
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and support
  • Protective orders
  • Custody and support modifications

Where conflict runs high, rest assured we are trial lawyers. We are prepared to represent you vigorously before any legal venue, ready to win for you.

Get The Information And Advice You Need To Move Through Divorce Without Fear

We are a family of attorneys. We know your rights and care about the outcome you will live with when your divorce or other legal matter is concluded. Talk to one of us so we can learn about your specific concerns and you can learn how we can help. Call 281-810-9721 or complete our online intake form.