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Child Custody And Visitation (Parenting Time)

When parents of minor children are separated, the care of those children becomes of interest to the state. Child custody and visitation (also called conservatorship or possession) should be clarified in a court order.

As Part Of A Divorce

If divorce is on the horizon, you may be more worried about how your children will fare than about any other factor. If so, you have plenty of company. Most parents in your shoes feel the same way. Experts say the issue of child custody and visitation is often the most contested part of a divorce. Remember that your child will benefit from your own sense of stability and control of your life. You can be courageous and do the right things for your future and your child during this difficult time of transition.

Unmarried Parents

Child custody is also an important issue for unmarried parents. A mother who gives birth should not assume she will have full custody of the child by default. Without a court order, the father may decide to petition for custody or visitation at any time.

Likewise, a father should not assume that paying child support will ensure he has a role in the child’s life. To protect the child and your parental rights, take action to get a court order clarifying custody and visitation rights. This is important even when unmarried parents are in a committed, cohabiting relationship.

Grandparents And Others

Are you a grandparent raising a grandchild or an aunt caring for a niece or nephew long-term without the benefit of a custody order or legal guardianship? Let us help you explore your options for establishing a more stable arrangement, depending on the opportunities your family situation presents.

An Attorney’s Counsel Is Vital

For best results handing this sensitive issue in your family, consult with an experienced child custody lawyer. We are a family of lawyers and a family law firm ready to help you pursue legal protection for yourself and your children. If there is already a custody order in place and you have reason to believe it should be changed, we can help you pursue a modification.

Resolve Your Child Custody Issues In Your Family’s Best Interests

We invite you to discuss your custody questions with a lawyer at Mingledorff Law. Schedule an initial consultation with a Texas family law attorney by phone at 281-810-9721 or by email.