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Do You Have To Go To Court During A Stay At Home Order?

Some counties and specific courts are still ordering criminal defendant’s appearances to court. If you have a court date scheduled in the immediate or near future, contact Mingledorff Law immediately. It is our position that any demand for physical presence in court, a building which will undoubtedly contain countless strangers and generally lacks cleanliness, is an egregious violation to your personal safety, a public health violation, and likely a violation of a public order. Mingledorff Law has been successful thus far at keeping all of their clients from physically going to court during these times. We will fight to make sure those whom we represent are safe from unnecessary risk to themselves and the public, including a physical appearance at court until this situation subsides.

Please note that most courts have been delayed. Please see the links and explanations below and a county-by-county break down as also seen on home age.


Fort Bend County Courts:

Montgomery County courts:

Waller County courts:

Brazoria County courts:

Liberty County courts:

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