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Young man charged with murder after victim found with head wound

Many people consider taking another life as the worst of crimes, and too many parties are quick to consider someone guilty when accused of such action. Still, even if a person is charged with murder, he or she has the right to create and present a criminal defense against such allegations. It can certainly be difficult to confront such allegations, but the hard work may prove worthwhile.

Manslaughter charge brought against driver after fatal crash

Vehicle accidents can easily cause serious or even fatal injuries. In some cases, the investigation into a crash could result in officers charging a driver with manslaughter or other serious allegations if the incident caused a fatality. A person may already feel guilt-ridden over the death of someone in his or her vehicle, and having to contend with criminal charges can be overwhelming.

Young man charged with murder after teen girl's death

Being charged with a serious crime at a young age can have lasting consequences. In fact, if young individuals are convicted of an allegation like murder, the rest of their lives could be changed in negative ways. As a result, it is important that young people understand their legal options and what the repercussions of a conviction could mean for them.

Man facing murder charge after shooting at apartment complex

Arguments and bad blood between people can often lead to an intense dislike. In some cases, individuals who do not get along may simply avoid one another, but in other instances, parties may feel that they need to confront another person about an issue. Unfortunately, acting rashly could lead to a person facing murder charges.

Assault charge brought against woman after alleged road rage

Misunderstandings, false accusations and lacking details could all play a part in a person's case if he or she is accused of a crime. In some cases, parties will contact the police because they believe someone is acting in a threatening or intimidating manner. It is possible for such a complaint to lead authorities to arrest a person and charge him or her with assault.

Man charged with murder on Texas street corner

It may begin as an accident, a crime of passion, an unintentional outcome or even a case of mistaken identity. Regardless, for the Texas resident being accused of murder, the result is likely the same. This individual is now facing arrest, incarceration and perhaps an extended loss of freedom.

Manslaughter charge brought against Texas driver

Car accidents can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, some accidents can have fatal outcomes, and drivers could end up facing criminal charges if authorities believe that it suits the circumstances. In fact, charges for manslaughter could result, and a driver could be at risk of serious consequences.

Disagreement leads to murder charges for Texas man

In many cases, it is wise to think twice before taking drastic measures to handle any type of situation. If someone believes that another person has wronged them, it may best to consider various options before simply reacting. Of course, some people do act on impulse, and if an impulsive act leads to the death of another person, murder charges could result.

Murder charge brought against man after 2 bodies found

Relationship problems can cause people to act irrationally. Of course, if someone takes his or her actions too far, somebody else could end up hurt or, worse, killed. Domestic-related incidents are tricky matters to address, and if someone faces a murder charge stemming from relationship problems, understanding available defense options is often necessary.

Man charged with aggravated assault after altercation

A decision made in the heat of the moment could easily have lasting consequences. Someone may physically lash out at another person in anger, and that action could lead to injuries to the other party. If so, the person could end up facing criminal charges for assault depending on the exact details of the situation.

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