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At what age do Texas courts ask a child's custody preference?

Child custody is often one of the most difficult issues during divorce and decisions can have lasting consequences. While a judge considers many factors during a custody case - home life, finances, educational and extracurricular activities and stability - child preference can sometimes also enter the calculus.

Compromise may help divorce go more smoothly

Dissolving a marriage is typically not someone's idea of a happy ending. However, for many people, their relationships have become so unhappy already that filing for divorce could help them work toward a better and happier future. Of course, the legal proceedings associated with ending a marriage are known for conflict, but it does not always have to work out that way.

Texas residents do not have to feel out of control during divorce

When major life changes occur, it is easy to feel a lack of control. In some cases, Texas residents may not have had much say in the changes that take place, such as when a spouse files for divorce. Though such an event can feel shocking, individuals can take steps to help themselves throughout the upcoming proceedings.

Child custody: Types of visitation for noncustodial parents

Most Texas parents want the best for their kids, but for whatever reason, some are unable to provide the care and support that their children need. While this situation may not necessarily make them bad people or bad parents, it could result in those parents not having physical custody of their children. Certainly, child custody outcomes can be difficult, and parents who do not have custody may wonder about visitation.

Joint child custody gaining more favorable opinions

Parents always have a lot on their plates. Between handling their own needs and the needs of their kids, there seems to always be something that must be done. Parenting may become even more of a challenge when Texas parents choose to end their marriages and have to handle child custody issues.

A long term financial aspect of co-parenting?

It is the season for college acceptance letters, school visits and tough decisions for seniors across the Houston metro. One of the important considerations is the aid package offered by a college or university and who will pay for a child's tuition.

Parents may want to consider kids' tuition savings during divorce

Texas parents want the best for their children, and that often includes providing the funds for a college education. Because tuition can be expensive, parents often need to work together to come up with a savings plan. Of course, when parents go through divorce, this issue may become a bit more sensitive.

Social media use can affect child custody cases

These days, most people use social media in some form or another. Many people enjoy giving life updates, but there are some instances in which social media use could cause complications. In particular, when Texas residents are dealing with divorce or child custody issues, they may want to refrain from getting on social media until their issues are resolved.

Looking for details can help during property division proceedings

Completing the divorce process means going over almost every detail of a marriage. This tactic may seem tedious, but it can help make sure that the best outcomes are reached. In particular, paying attention to as many details as possible can be immensely useful when addressing property division in Texas.

Who controls the smart home technology after separation?

Smart home systems can be used to remotely change the thermostat settings, monitor who is at the door or play music through speakers. In 2017, an estimated 29 million homes had these technologies and the number have been quickly growing in our Houston neighborhoods.

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