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Woman hides cocaine, other items in feces after arrest in Texas

When faced with circumstances in which criminal charges are likely, many people may begin to panic. As a result, they may think that certain actions may help them in the situation, but in reality, those decisions may not have been as well thought out as believed. However, some parties may take drastic steps to avoid cocaine possession and other drug charges, even if those steps do not work in their favor.

Prescription drug possession allegedly part of Texas traffic stop

Individuals can often face complications when trying to address criminal charges. Each person's case is different, and when dealing with charges for prescription drug possession or other alleged offenses, knowledge can be a powerful tool. Of course, many individuals may not feel confident in their legal knowledge and feel as if they are at a disadvantage.

Traffic stop results in heroin trafficking charges in Texas

Criminal charges can change a person's life in many ways. Often, these changes have negative impacts on the individual and could result in jail time and other consequences if a conviction takes place. When accused of trafficking heroin, the party will undoubtedly want to ensure that he or she understands the seriousness of the situation and how it could be dealt with.

Texas man facing drug charges after search

The right information can often help individuals deal with a variety of predicaments. When a person is facing criminal drug charges, having knowledge that applies to his or her legal case could allow for the situation to seem less intimidating. Of course, this type of scenario should be taken seriously, and in order to prepare, an accused individual may wish to use the right information to determine a course of action.

Federal drug charges: Is my child ready for prison?

An arrest on federal drug charges, will force you to grapple with the difficult question of whether or not your child is ready for time behind bars. For most parents, the obvious answer to that tough question will be an unequivocal "no."

Woman facing drug charges after vehicle stop in Texas

Having the right to defend against criminal allegations is important to everyone. When parties are facing drug charges or other accusations, having the ability to create and present a defense if they desire could help them work toward an outcome they hope to achieve. Because defenses could play critical roles in criminal cases, individuals in this predicament often want to understand their options.

Prescription drug possession charges leveled after Texas raid

When faced with a difficult predicament, many individuals want to take the steps to power through the situation. This action may be easier in some circumstances than others, especially when individuals are facing criminal charges for prescription drug possession. Accused parties may not feel confident in their ability to handle a legal case on their own, but fortunately, they do not have to.

Texas woman facing charges for possession of cocaine, other drugs

Each criminal legal case is different. Even if individuals face the same charges, the specific details of the cases could have substantial impact on how a person may feel he or she should proceed. When it comes to allegations for possession of cocaine or other drugs, determining the most viable paths for defense may be of interest to accused parties.

Texas man suspected of drug trafficking, charged with possession

In the event that a person faces felony charges, the seriousness of the situation may hit him or her hard. Drug trafficking, possession and other related allegations could result in substantial consequences if an individual is convicted of such crimes. Luckily, everyone has the right to defend against criminal accusations as their cases move through the necessary legal proceedings.

Man charged with trafficking $300,000 worth of cocaine

Every day, thousands of people travel up and down Texas highways. For the most part, these individuals are law-abiding citizens who are on their way to work, home or some other typical destination. Unfortunately, there are also the few individuals who utilize Texas highways as a way to transport drugs such as cocaine. For this reason, Texas law enforcement remains alert for signs of such activity.

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