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June 2020 Archives

Young man charged with murder after teen girl's death

Being charged with a serious crime at a young age can have lasting consequences. In fact, if young individuals are convicted of an allegation like murder, the rest of their lives could be changed in negative ways. As a result, it is important that young people understand their legal options and what the repercussions of a conviction could mean for them.

Drug trafficking charges require best defense possible

The label says one thing, but what is actually in the package? Every day, individuals purchase offer packages for sale. Sometimes these are items that an individual produced; sometimes the item being sold was originally purchased from a third party. But, what if the contents of the package do not match what is on the label and the package actually contains an illegal substance? In this case, it is possible that the Texas resident could be charged with drug trafficking.

Authorities file drug charges after search of motel room

Criminal allegations can have life-changing effects on anyone. As a result, it is smart for anyone accused of a crime to put his or her best efforts into defending against drug charges or other allegations. It can certainly be difficult to go through proceedings associated with the criminal justice system, but parties can still do their part when it comes to their criminal defense.

Deceased dog found in apartment, leads to abuse charges

When faced with the consequences of their actions, some individuals may see that they made a significant mistake. Though matters are often clearer in hindsight, it is the future parties need to focus on if their past mistakes have led to criminal charges. Accusations of animal abuse can come with steep penalties, which is why it is important to assess defense options.

Man facing murder charge after shooting at apartment complex

Arguments and bad blood between people can often lead to an intense dislike. In some cases, individuals who do not get along may simply avoid one another, but in other instances, parties may feel that they need to confront another person about an issue. Unfortunately, acting rashly could lead to a person facing murder charges.

Though facing drug charges, Texas women are not without options

When life takes a difficult turn, some people may think it is impossible to right it again. It is easy to feel disheartened and to lose hope that a seemingly downhill ordeal will turn out in a favorable way. However, it is important that individuals facing drug charges or other criminal allegations remember that they do have options for pursuing the best outcomes for their cases.

Assault charge brought against woman after alleged road rage

Misunderstandings, false accusations and lacking details could all play a part in a person's case if he or she is accused of a crime. In some cases, parties will contact the police because they believe someone is acting in a threatening or intimidating manner. It is possible for such a complaint to lead authorities to arrest a person and charge him or her with assault.

The insanity defense: a fundamental right or state's choice?

Not guilty by reason of insanity. It is a phrase that conjures more than just visions of a plotline from a criminal drama. It is one that seems a part of the fabric of our justice system -- but is it? Not every state in the country currently allows an insanity defense. Idaho, Kansas, Montana and Utah, for example, have abolished it.

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