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February 2020 Archives

2 arrested for drug crimes in a school zone

Authorities often want to crack down on drug-related criminal activity as much as possible. In particular, they want to ensure that drug-free areas remain free from illegal substances. Unfortunately, this means that if individuals are suspected of drug crimes in a school zone, they could face serious charges and possible consequences.

Arresting the innocent? Houston D.A. extends review.

Law enforcement officers generally take an oath to protect the communities they serve with integrity, bravery and honor. Most officers abide by this oath. Unfortunately, there are cases where an officer may violate this oath. Whether for personal gain or other motivation, the officers that fail to abide by this oath can seriously damage their communities. Unfortunately, the city of Houston is currently dealing with such a case.

Felony charges brought against man after animal abuse video

People's actions can follow them for a long time. In some cases, they could leave permanent marks on their records, especially their criminal records. If someone carries out an illegal act on a whim or other notion, they may not fully consider the ramifications that act can have until they are facing felony charges.

Murder charge brought against man after 2 bodies found

Relationship problems can cause people to act irrationally. Of course, if someone takes his or her actions too far, somebody else could end up hurt or, worse, killed. Domestic-related incidents are tricky matters to address, and if someone faces a murder charge stemming from relationship problems, understanding available defense options is often necessary.

Man charged with aggravated assault after altercation

A decision made in the heat of the moment could easily have lasting consequences. Someone may physically lash out at another person in anger, and that action could lead to injuries to the other party. If so, the person could end up facing criminal charges for assault depending on the exact details of the situation.

Couple facing drug charges after search of home

No one wants to end up having to defend against criminal accusations. Of course, many people do face this type of ordeal, and it can be difficult for them to know exactly how to handle it. For some, drug charges may come against them, and they may need to thoroughly assess the details of their cases in efforts to find the best way to move forward.

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