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At what age do Texas courts ask a child's custody preference?

Child custody is often one of the most difficult issues during divorce and decisions can have lasting consequences. While a judge considers many factors during a custody case - home life, finances, educational and extracurricular activities and stability - child preference can sometimes also enter the calculus.

Animal abuse charges brought against man after dog stabbed

Lashing out in violent ways can often have serious consequences. In some cases, people may act aggressively without fully thinking about what they are doing. They often also do not expect to end up facing criminal charges as a result. However, if someone is accused of animal abuse during a violent outburst, legal issues are likely.

Heroin distribution charges brought against Texas man

In order to handle a criminal case effectively, it is wise for accused parties to learn as much about their criminal charges as possible. Even if a person is facing allegations for a broad violation, such as drug crimes, the seriousness of those allegations could hinge on many smaller details. For instance, a person facing criminal charges relating to heroin may have a more serious case to handle than for another substance.

Texas man facing murder charge after woman's body found

An accusation of a crime can easily turn a person's life upside down. When that accusation is in relation to murder, the entire ordeal may seem unbelievable. However, criminal charges are very real, and anyone facing allegations would be wise to gain information on how to handle this type of serious predicament.

Young man charged with animal abuse after dog found deceased

Being accused of a crime is no one's idea of a positive situation. Still, individuals accused of animal abuse must try to make the best out of their predicaments by working toward reaching favorable outcomes for their cases. Though facing any type of criminal accusations can seem insurmountable, individuals do have legal options.

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