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Child custody: Types of visitation for noncustodial parents

May 13, 2019 | Family Law

Most Texas parents want the best for their kids, but for whatever reason, some are unable to provide the care and support that their children need. While this situation may not necessarily make them bad people or bad parents, it could result in those parents not having physical custody of their children. Certainly, child custody outcomes can be difficult, and parents who do not have custody may wonder about visitation.

There are two main types of visitation: supervised and unsupervised. If the court believes that the parent cannot or should not be alone with the children, an order will likely be issued for supervised visitation. This arrangement means that another trustworthy adult must be present during visitation sessions. In some cases, the custodial parent may be able to choose the supervisor, and in others, the court may appoint a social worker or another individual to oversee the visits.

With unsupervised visitation, a third party is not needed during the noncustodial parent’s visits with the children. This means that the parent can usually have the children at his or her own home or take them out places during their designated visitation time. Of course, the court could still place certain stipulations on this type of visitation.

Understanding visitation is an important part of child custody, especially if the parents do not come to joint custody terms. This and other custody information could help Texas parents determine what steps they may need to take in efforts to reach the best outcomes for their cases. Consulting with their legal counsel could allow them to determine applicable courses of action.