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Joint child custody gaining more favorable opinions

Apr 15, 2019 | Family Law

Parents always have a lot on their plates. Between handling their own needs and the needs of their kids, there seems to always be something that must be done. Parenting may become even more of a challenge when Texas parents choose to end their marriages and have to handle child custody issues.

The first issue that often comes up with custody is finding the right arrangement. Legal custody and physical custody are both involved, and in the past, it was common for mothers to obtain sole custody in both areas. However, progress has been made regarding this presumption, and now, joint custody is commonly brought to the table first, especially when it comes to legal custody. This initial presumption allows both parents to make important decisions for the children unless it is proven to the court that one parent should not have this ability.

Having an equal share of physical custody is often considered less realistic. With parents typically living in two different houses, it can be difficult to make arrangements that would allow equal time but would not cause hardship on the children or parents. As a result, physical custody arrangements are commonly tailored to the specific needs of the kids and the overall family dynamic.

Child custody proceedings can go smoothly or have their challenges. Though parents want the best for their kids, it can be difficult to determine what exactly that means. Texas parents may want to work with their legal counsel to understand how state laws may influence their custody arrangements and what options they have for reaching the best outcomes for their cases.