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March 2019 Archives

Texas man facing murder charge after officer dies

One of the most serious allegations a person could face relates to homicide. Though homicide can refer to different events that involve the death of a person, murder is typically considered the most severe. This means that if a person faces this charge, he or she has a long road ahead.

Civil asset forfeiture: How does it happen? Are there limits?

Criminal forfeiture allows law enforcement agencies to seize cash, cars and artwork linked to a crime. It requires a criminal conviction; however, it's cousin civil asset forfeiture goes directly after property - often vehicles (even if the owner was not the driver) - and requires no conviction.

Parents may want to consider kids' tuition savings during divorce

Texas parents want the best for their children, and that often includes providing the funds for a college education. Because tuition can be expensive, parents often need to work together to come up with a savings plan. Of course, when parents go through divorce, this issue may become a bit more sensitive.

Man facing charges relating to Xanax, other drug distribution

Authorities often want to crack down on the use and distribution of drugs in their areas. As a result, if the police suspect that a person is conducting drug-related activities involving Xanax or other substances, it is likely that the individual will face serious criminal charges. Fortunately, the situation does not end there, and the accused party has the right to defend against allegations.

Defense to animal abuse charges important for Texas man

Having criminal accusations brought against a person can make him or her immediately feel on edge. Wanting to defend oneself is commonly an immediate reaction, and it can be an important one when facing serious charges, like those for animal abuse. However, people facing this type of predicament may want to wait until the right time to present their defenses.

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