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False claims of domestic violence make divorce more difficult

Jan 7, 2019 | Family Law

When a Texas marriage ends on rocky terms, a divorce can easily become heated and complicated. In some cases, a person may even make false accusations of domestic violence in hopes of seeking revenge and obtaining a desired outcome, which is often one that hurts the other parent. Even if accusations are false, an accused party will still have a difficult time ahead.

In some cases, a seemingly innocent action taken during an argument could be blown out of proportion during divorce proceedings. As a result, if a person blocked a door during an argument or grabbed a spouse in efforts to get his or her attention, that person’s action could be presented as domestic violence in court. This scenario could even lead to a protective order being issued by the court.

An order of protection could result in one spouse being ordered to have no contact with the other spouse or even with the children. If the couple is still living together, the order could also mean that the accused person must leave the home. These accusations and order could have an immense impact on a person’s divorce outcomes, especially when it comes to custody if children are involved.

A person may feel hopeless if false accusations of domestic violence lead to an order of protection. However, he or she is not necessarily out of luck. Texas residents facing this type of predicament in their divorce cases may want to remember that they can enlist the help of legal professionals who could help them work toward having the order dismissed and clearing the accused parties names, which may be vital during divorce cases.