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December 2018 Archives

Several counts of animal abuse leveled against Texas man

Legal issues can follow a person for a considerable amount of time. Even when facing these issues head-on, it can take individuals time, effort, close consideration and many other factors to address them. When facing felony charges for crimes like animal abuse, parties may find it useful to play an active role in finding the best defense strategies.

DWI arrests during "No Refusal" weekends

The Houston area has a problem with drunk driving. Law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TBAC) and Harris County Sheriff's Office, however are cracking down on impaired driving. This goes beyond alcohol and can include marijuana, prescription medications or other drugs that cause impairment.

Drug charges result after ecstasy found in child's meal

A seemingly simple mishap can easily throw a person's life out of balance. However, a simple mishap could actually be considered a serious violation under the law, especially if the situation involves drug-related activity. When a person faces drug charges, it is important that he or she understands that legal options are available.

Making the most out of holidays after divorce

Ending a marriage is a life-changing event. Whether this event occurred recently or is still ongoing, this may be the first holiday season that many Texas residents are spending without their former spouses. Understandably, this situation can bring about various emotions. Fortunately, there are beneficial ways to make the most out of the holidays even after divorce.

Altercation leads to murder charge in Texas

In certain situations, individuals may feel hopeless. They could think that there is no way out of a particular predicament and that they will have to contend with the negative consequences. Someone facing charges for murder may have such feelings, but before becoming resigned to a negative fate, the person may want to remember that options are available for defending against charges and for working toward positive outcomes.

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