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Parents may struggle to talk to kids about divorce, child custody

Oct 2, 2018 | Family Law

Many Texas residents likely hate breaking bad news to their kids. As a result, when the decision to divorce was made, many parents undoubtedly struggled to find the best way to talk to their kids about the ending marriage and about possible child custody arrangements. If so, they are not alone as this is a difficulty many parents face.

If parents want to take the best approach to the conversation as they can, they may want to consider breaking the news together and answering any questions the kids might have. However, if there will be too much tension for the parents to be together, having each parent talk to the kids one-on-one may be a wiser decision. Of course, it is also prudent to make sure that the decision to divorce is final before bringing up the topic with the kids in order to avoid confusion and unnecessary upset.

Parents may also wonder what they should tell their kids during this conversation. While it is important to answer their questions, parents could find it most beneficial to keep answers age appropriate and to not provide too many details. Additionally, honesty is typically best, and it may not be appropriate to give children false hope that the parents may get back together.

Children may also have concerns about who they will live with, and parents often have major concerns over child custody as well. Because each family is different, the custody outcomes will also differ. Texas residents who want to make sure they create the best arrangements for their families may find it useful to gain information on their rights and options.