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Property division needs specific attention during divorce

Aug 23, 2018 | Family Law

While many people hope that divorce will help them remove themselves from an unhappy marriage, that does not need to be the only focus during the process. Because marriage dissolution can heavily impact a person’s financial circumstances, focusing on assets and property division is important. The decisions made during this time can affect a individual’s future for some time.

First, Texas residents may want to make sure they understand the assets at stake. Assets can come in various forms, including stocks, real estate, savings and checking accounts, cash, personal property and other items. If a person makes less money than his or her spouse or does not work at all, the assets may be a particularly important part of the divorce process, as well as possible alimony outcomes.

Of course, rather than hoping to get all the big-ticket items, like a house or car, individuals may want to consider the taxes associated with those items. While obtaining the home in divorce may prevent a person from having to buy a new one, it also means that the party will have to handle the mortgage and taxes on his or her own, which can be daunting and possibly not feasible on a single income. Different property is also taxed differently so understanding how these factors will come into play may save on hardships later, even if it means giving up a sentimental asset.

Though it can be difficult to part ways with certain items, it may be wise when it comes to divorce and property division. With the help of their legal counsel, Texas residents going through divorce can decide what actions may be in their best interests when it comes to negotiating for certain assets. Considering the future may be difficult, but it could also help determine the best courses of action.