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June 2018 Archives

Divorce and taxes can greatly impact lives

Most people know the saying that death and taxes are the only two certain things in life. However, for some Texas residents, it may seem that divorce and taxes are just as certain. Individuals who are doing through the marriage dissolution process may find themselves closely considering the effect ending a marriage can have on their tax situations.

Texas police allege woman left dog; bring animal neglect charges

There are many instances in which people may not know the best ways to handle a situation. As a result, they may choose to carry out an act that does not put them in the best light. Often, individuals who have a pet that they can no longer take care of may end up facing neglect charges if they do not take the proper steps to have the pet cared for.

How far do your privacy rights extend in criminal cases?

Last month, the Supreme Court decided two cases that touch on individual privacy rights contained in the Fourth Amendment. One case involved a motorcycle parked in a driveway under a tarp and the other a traffic stop of a rental vehicle.

IRA can be a complex asset to split in divorce

Dividing property is a major aspect of bringing a marriage to an end. It can be one of the more contentious aspects of the process and also one that individuals pay the most attention to. Focus can be immensely important as dividing a complex asset may need specific action in order for Texas residents to avoid financial pitfalls.

Could a successful divorce help avoid health issues?

When ending a marriage, there are many concerns that may go through a person's mind. This feeling is understandable as divorce is a considerable life change. The process itself may prove stressful, and afterward, individuals in Texas and elsewhere could still continue to feel those effects. In fact, a recent study indicated that ending a marriage could prove detrimental to one's health.

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