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Child custody contributes to kids living with single parents

May 3, 2018 | Family Law

Parents naturally worry about their children and typically try to keep them out of difficult situations as best as they can. It is understandably impossible to protect them from everything, but parents may still have concerns when it comes to considerable changes in their kids’ lives. Divorce and child custody arrangements in particular can leave many children in single-parent homes, and that may cause concern for many Texas residents.

Though worry may exist, living with one parent may be the best arrangement for particular families. It was recently reported that one study showed that 32 percent of children lived with an unmarried parent in 2017, which is a considerable increase from 13 percent in 1968. Of that most recent percentage, 21 percent lived with a single mother, and 4 percent lived with a single father. The other 7 percent was attributed to children living with unmarried but cohabiting parents.

Multiple reasons exist for children living in these kinds of arrangements. Marriages have been declining over the decades, and more children are being born outside of wedlock. Additionally, many children’s parents end their relationships by the time the kids reach the age of 9, so divorce is also a significant contributing factor.

Because divorce is so prevalent, it is not unusual for parents to need to make child custody decisions. These proceedings can often prove difficult and sometimes contentious, and these tensions may have Texas parents worried about coming to the best arrangements. Fortunately, interested individuals could discuss their concerns with knowledgeable attorneys who may be able to provide insight on specific cases and options.

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