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Woman charged after drive-by shooting injures child

The choices that people make do not have to define them for the rest of their lives. Still, some decisions can have immediate consequences that need to be addressed quickly in efforts to mitigate the negative effects those decisions may have. For instance, if a person is accused of participating in a drive-by shooting, he or she may want to look into criminal defense options.

One woman in Texas will undoubtedly want to handle her case as best as possible after her recent arrest. Apparently, the woman planned a drive-by shooting because she believed that a person had stolen drugs and money from her. The shooting targeted the person's house, and the woman allegedly stated that she drove the shooter to the house.

Man arrested for abuse after throwing mother's dog, killing it

Many people are not adept at handling their emotions well. They may have angry outbursts that cause them to carry out actions that they would not have if they were able to keep their emotions under control. Unfortunately, such an outburst that involves harm to an animal could lead to abuse charges.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas is facing such charges after an incident at his mother's home. Apparently, the man had been living with his parents on and off for the last few years, and recently, he asked his mother if he could bring a woman home to have intimate relations. The mother refused to allow the woman to come over. This refusal angered the man, and as a result, he picked up his mother's dog and threw it.

Prescription drug possession, other charges stem from search

Getting in trouble with law enforcement can have a domino effect on a person's life. A traffic stop could lead to a search that leads to charges for prescription drug possession that leads to court hearings and so on. Unfortunately, this type of event can take up a considerable amount of an accused person's time, and there is always the chance of negative outcomes.

Luckily, anyone accused of a crime can defend against those allegations in court. One person in Texas may be hoping to find the right defense path after a recent arrest. Apparently, an officer had stopped a vehicle because the headlight was not working properly. During the stop, the driver's behavior allegedly made the officer suspicious. As a result, another officer came to the scene, and a search was conducted.

Jared Padalecki facing assault charges in Texas

Having a bad day or a bad week can often culminate in a sudden negative event. Unfortunately for some, when the situation becomes too much, they may lash out at others. If individuals end up in physical altercations with other people, they could end up facing criminal charges for assault.

It was recently reported that actor Jared Padalecki was taken into custody in Texas after an altercation at a bar. The "Supernatural" star reportedly owns the bar where the alleged event occurred, and while there, he apparently became intoxicated and began fighting with other patrons. Employees of the bar took him outside, but Padalecki reportedly struck the assistant manager and punched the general manager, who was trying to separate the two.

Animal abuse charge brought against woman after abandonment

The care of animals is taken very seriously under the law. As a result, if a person is suspected to have mistreated an animal, it is likely that he or she will face criminal charges for abuse. Of course, just because a person is a suspect does not mean that he or she is guilty, and creating a meaningful defense could help address any charges.

One woman in Texas is likely hoping to find the best defense options for her case after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, a person allegedly saw the woman throw a puppy out of her car before driving away. The witness called the authorities and gave them a description of the vehicle and the driver. Authorities later made contact with the 31-year-old woman after locating the suspected vehicle.

Texas man charged for alleged drug-related activity

Getting through life without becoming the subject of a criminal investigation may be a goal most people have without realizing it. Of course, many individuals do not achieve this goal and end up facing criminal charges. Often, authorities will begin investigations for suspected drug-related activity, and arrests are common.

This type of situation appears to have happened to one man in Texas. According to reports, authorities went to the home of the 21-year-old man in order to execute a search warrant. Details were not given in the report as to what led to them obtaining the warrant. Authorities forced open the door to the residence after no one answered. It was unclear whether anyone was at home at the time.

Murder charge results after authorities find deceased woman

When a person dies, if the circumstances seem suspicious, authorities typically conduct an investigation. In some cases, authorities may believe that a charge for murder applies. If so, a person accused of such a crime may have a challenging time ahead as he or she works to defend against formal accusations.

One man in Texas may be looking into his defense options after recently being taken into custody. Apparently, authorities conducted a welfare check at a residence after a neighbor had indicated that the woman living in the home did not answer her door. An additional cause for concern was the fact that the woman's dog was reportedly dead on her porch. Authorities found the 73-year-old woman deceased in her home, but details were not provided regarding her cause of death.

Texas man charged with animal abuse after throwing cat in pool

There are many times in life when people come to regret actions that they have taken. This feeling may come on rapidly if a person faces criminal charges due to those actions. In some cases, that regret may come if individuals take their frustrations out on animals and end up being accused of abuse.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas was taken into custody due to allegedly abusing a cat. Apparently, surveillance video from a pool at an apartment complex showed the man throwing a cat into the pool. The cat swam away, but the man reportedly took off his shoe and hit the cat with it as the feline tried to get out of the pool. The man then allegedly threw the cat into the pool again.

What is retaliatory arrest? Which story will the court believe?

In the last Supreme Court term there were few criminal cases. One that did get some attention involved retaliatory arrest. This is when an officer retaliates against someone who is exercising their First Amendment freedom of speech. It also provides a cautionary tale about the subjective nature of memory and experience.


Challenging a law enforcement officer's version of events can be tough following an arrest and criminal charge. One way to level the playing field is to have an experienced defense attorney tell your side of the story. Keep reading this post to learn more about the Supreme Court case.

5 arrested for drug crimes in connection with Texas investigation

Many people may not feel comfortable with the paths their lives are taking. Unfortunately, before they can change direction, some of those paths may result in individuals facing allegations for drug crimes and ending up in a serious legal predicament. Their minds may begin reeling as they wonder how to best handle this type of upset.

Multiple people were recently taken into custody in Texas on drug-related charges. According to reports, five men were arrested in connection with an investigation relating to the importation and distribution of THC and marijuana. Allegedly, the individuals were receiving shipments of the substances and paraphernalia from out of state, and during the course of the investigation, authorities have seized over 220 THC vape cartridges, over 7.5 pounds of marijuana, approximately 1,100 grams of THC concentrates and other items.

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