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What to Know About the Harris County Stay at Home Law

On March 24, 2020, Lina Hidalgo, County Judge for Harris County, Texas, issued a "Stay Home, Work Safe" Order" in effect through April 3rd, 2020. The shortest possible explanation of this order is that it restricts leaving home except for only "Essential Activities."

Judge finds stop illegal, throws out evidence

Our legal system allows enforcement officers to pull over drivers in certain situations — namely if the driver violated a traffic law. A failure to have a justifiable reason for the stop is not just frustrating for all involved, it is illegal. However, even with these laws protecting drivers throughout the country there are cases that involve police making stops based on false pretenses.

The officer may then use the stop to gather evidence for other criminal charges, such as a driving while intoxicated (DWI) or drug possession. If the driver can establish the officer did not have good reason for the stop, the driver can argue the judge should throw out any evidence gathered during the stop.

Mingledorff Law Offers No-Contact Consultations and Full Service During "Stay-At-Home" Orders Related to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Today, Harris County Judge, the Honorable Lina Hidalgo, issued a "Stay at Home Order," scheduled to take effect beginning 11:59 P.M tonight, Tuesday, March 24th, 2020, and is scheduled to remain through April 3rd, 2020. SEE Judge Hidalgo's Order Blow

Mingledorff Law Firm recognizes the need for legal help will continue during this "Stay-At-Home" order timeframe. Under any circumstances, we will be offering our legal services during this time, and into the future. To alleviate public concern, we will be conducting all business electronically or through phone.

Cops put GPS on car, suspect removes it, court chaos ensues ...

Using GPS devices in criminal investigations is gaining popularity with law enforcement. Law enforcement departments throughout the country are using this form of technology to track a suspect's movement and gather evidence to support criminal charges. In some cases, state law allows for the use of these small devices in this manner.

But what happens if the suspect notices the device and removes it?

Texas woman facing heroin charges after investigation

When under investigation for any type of crime, individuals can feel nervous about the possible outcomes. In some cases, information gathered during the investigation could result in criminal charges for heroin possession or other drug-related allegations. If so, a person facing these accusations could have a difficult road ahead.

It was recently reported that one woman in Texas was recently charged after an investigation. Apparently, the woman works for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and for unknown reasons, she became the subject of a narcotics investigation. During the investigation, authorities went to her home to conduct a search and allegedly found a substance that supposedly later tested positive for heroin. As a result, a warrant was issued for the woman's arrest.

Animal abuse charges leveled against 2 men; cattle seized

Accusations of criminal activity do not automatically mean that a person is guilty. In fact, a person is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise in court. Still, it can be difficult for anyone to face criminal charges, especially those relating to animal abuse, and maintaining one's innocence is not always an easy task.

Two men in Texas may be hoping to find the best ways to handle their cases after recently being taken into custody. Apparently, authorities had received tips about possible animal cruelty involving livestock. Officers reportedly obtained an animal seizure warrant and went to the location of the animals. They allegedly found emaciated cattle and signs that indicated dead cattle on the property. In total, 32 cows were taken from the scene to a veterinary clinic.

Disagreement leads to murder charges for Texas man

In many cases, it is wise to think twice before taking drastic measures to handle any type of situation. If someone believes that another person has wronged them, it may best to consider various options before simply reacting. Of course, some people do act on impulse, and if an impulsive act leads to the death of another person, murder charges could result.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas was taken into custody after police were alerted to a body in a homeless camp. Police were called to perform a welfare check on a Sunday morning after someone alerted them to the body, which officers later found in a wooded area. A witness spoke with officers and said that he heard two people arguing on Friday and heard a gunshot. The body found by police had a gunshot wound in the chest.

2 arrested for drug crimes in a school zone

Authorities often want to crack down on drug-related criminal activity as much as possible. In particular, they want to ensure that drug-free areas remain free from illegal substances. Unfortunately, this means that if individuals are suspected of drug crimes in a school zone, they could face serious charges and possible consequences.

It was recently reported that two individuals in Texas were taken into custody on drug-related charges. Apparently, authorities had obtained a search warrant for a home that was just blocks away from an elementary school and a high school. It was unclear what led up to authorities receiving the search warrant, but nonetheless, they searched the home. A man and a woman were inside the residence at the time of the search.

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