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Prescription drug possession charges leveled after Texas raid

When faced with a difficult predicament, many individuals want to take the steps to power through the situation. This action may be easier in some circumstances than others, especially when individuals are facing criminal charges for prescription drug possession. Accused parties may not feel confident in their ability to handle a legal case on their own, but fortunately, they do not have to.

Three men in Texas are likely hoping to find the best way to handle their cases after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the individuals are a father and two sons, and the arrests came after police raided their home. It was unclear what may have caused the family to come under suspicion, but nonetheless, a search of the home was conducted.

Woman charged with murder after shooting deaths of 2 children

The manner in which a person chooses to approach his or her criminal case can depend on the specific details of the situation. Some parties charged with misdemeanor allegations may not feel as strongly about their predicaments as someone who has been charged with murder. However, every criminal case should be taken seriously as it could considerably impact the accused individual's life.

One Texas woman will undoubtedly want to approach her case in a meaningful manner after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that emergency crews were called to a residence in relation to a possibly suicidal woman. However, they received a second call stating that their services were no longer needed. Hours after that call, the woman's husband called emergency services again due to the woman allegedly shooting her two daughters.

Enhanced penalties for criminal charges linked to Harvey

Following Hurricane Harvey, the Harris County Criminal Justice Building remains closed until further notice. This has forced the criminal courts to share courtroom space at the Family Law Center leading to scheduling challenges and delays.

At the same time, there are people who face even harsher penalties for alleged theft crimes  as well as other minor offenses committed during or after the hurricane. The fear was mass looting, but this was largely unfounded. Reports of looting were limited to a liquor store and shoe shop.

Fotolia_103299963_flooded neighborhood crop.jpg

Man charged with intoxication manslaughter in Texas

Facing serious charges after an event that led to the death of another individual can be a scary experience. Manslaughter charges can come with serious consequences if a conviction for such allegations occurs. Therefore, if individuals are accused of such criminal actions, they may wish to find out more on their options for addressing those charges.

One man in Texas will undoubtedly want to approach his case in the best manner possible after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man had allegedly been driving a vehicle in June when the vehicle left the roadway. The car then hit multiple trees before overturning. A female passenger in the vehicle was ejected during the accident, and she suffered fatal injuries.

Texas woman facing charges for possession of cocaine, other drugs

Each criminal legal case is different. Even if individuals face the same charges, the specific details of the cases could have substantial impact on how a person may feel he or she should proceed. When it comes to allegations for possession of cocaine or other drugs, determining the most viable paths for defense may be of interest to accused parties.

It was recently reported that police took one woman into custody on drug charges in Texas. Apparently, authorities had stopped the woman's vehicle for a routine traffic violation, but it was not detailed what the exact violation was. During the stop, the woman allegedly stated that she had drugs and a weapon in the vehicle. As a result, police officers carried out a search of the vehicle.

Woman charged with manslaughter following Texas crash

Because of their smaller size, motorcycles are often much more difficult to see in comparison to more traditional motor vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcyclists can also suffer from more severe injuries during a collision due to the lack of protection. One woman in Texas has recently been charged with manslaughter following a collision that resulted in a death.

The incident happened on day in mid-October. Police have accused a 25-year-old woman of failing to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist near a Texas intersection. As a result, the two vehicles reportedly collided.

Texas woman will likely build defense against child injury charge

A sense of panic may set in when a person finds out that he or she is facing criminal charges. Because negative outcomes for such a predicament can have long-lasting effects, this type of reaction is understandable. However, remaining level-headed could help accused parties better determine how they would like to move forward with their defense presentations.

One woman in Texas may be hoping to remain calm after recently having charges brought against her. Reports stated that the woman had taken her 4-year-old daughter to a police station due to the young girl having serious injuries. The child was taken to an area hospital, and reports stated that the girl succumbed to her injuries the next day. The girl's injuries purportedly consisted of serious head injuries and a variety of other damage to other parts of her body.

Are trampolines safe?

Have safety features on backyard trampolines, such as spring and safety frame padding and boundary nets worked? Not according to a 2010 study that found these changes had not reduced the numbers of injuries. And backyard trampoline injuries may not be as serious as those happening at the increasing number of trampoline parks.

AdobeStock_144307982.trampoline injuries-crop.jpeg

Over the summer, a Florida mom posted a photo of her 3-year-old in a waist-to-ankle cast after a trip to a trampoline park. For another family, their first trip to a trampoline park for a birthday was their last when another child broke his leg in a collision. Are there legal remedies available when an accident causes a serious injury? Often the answer depends on the individual facts of a case, but we provide an overview in this blog.

Texas man suspected of drug trafficking, charged with possession

In the event that a person faces felony charges, the seriousness of the situation may hit him or her hard. Drug trafficking, possession and other related allegations could result in substantial consequences if an individual is convicted of such crimes. Luckily, everyone has the right to defend against criminal accusations as their cases move through the necessary legal proceedings.

One Texas man may be reviewing his plausible defense routes after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man was stopped by a police officer for an undisclosed reason. After questioning the man, the officer apparently suspected that he was trafficking drugs. The deputy and his K-9 searched the vehicle and allegedly found liquid methamphetamine. It was reported that 20 pounds of the substance was discovered, which apparently equates to approximately $8 million.

Texas man could face penalties if convicted of animal cruelty

Even when an individual has good intentions, his or her actions could be viewed as negative by other parties. In some cases, those actions could have criminal implications, and a person could end up facing the potential for penalties after having charges brought against them. One man in Texas may be worrying about such outcomes after police charged him with animal cruelty.

A recent report and accompanying video indicated that a surveillance camera caught the man pulling over to the side of the road, opening the back door of his vehicle to allow a dog to get out, and then leaving the dog before driving away. The dog was later taken to an SPCA facility, and an investigation was opened. The dog has since been adopted.

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