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DWI cases: Driver fights for dismissal of charges

What happens when an officer conducts a traffic stop? In most cases, state and federal law requires officers to have reason for a traffic stop. The stop may result in additional evidence that can lead to criminal charges, but it is important to have evidence to support the claim. An officer's opinion is not enough.

A recent case provides an example of a driver who faced allegations of drunk driving based solely on the opinion of responding officers. The case began when police pulled over the pickup truck after a witness called police to report the vehicle was "weaving in and out of lanes." During the stop, police claimed to smell alcohol and conducted a field sobriety test. During the test, the driver blew a 0.0%. Although the field sobriety test did not support the allegation of drunk driving, the officers used the presence of allegedly red eyes and a smell of alcohol to justify an arrest. As a result, the officers arrested the driver. They then took him to a local hospital for additional blood work and the officers forced the driver to spend the night in jail.

Young woman must defend against allegations of murder

Texas officials recently charged a young woman with homicide. According to a recent report, witnesses claimed to have seen a 59-year-old man fall down in the street after suffering a gunshot wound. At that time, they claim to have seen a girl get into a vehicle and threaten to run the man over. Shortly after, they state she did so.

The man died at the scene. Upon examination, the cause of death was determined to be blunt trauma caused by a vehicle and injuries from a gunshot wound.

Texas man indicated on several drug charges

Being indicted on criminal charges can make a difficult situation even more challenging. Formal charges can come with serious consequences if a person is convicted, which is why it is important to start considering defense options as soon as possible after an indictment, or even before. Drug charges in particular potentially come with steep punishment, so anyone accused of drug-related crimes may wish to obtain reliable information on their options.

One man in Texas is undoubtedly hoping to handle his case as best as possible after recently being indicted. Reports stated that the indictment stems from two events in 2019. The first event allegedly involved the man leading police on a high-speed vehicle chase and successfully evading officers. Authorities later determined the man's location and conducted a raid on a residence, in which they found the man, two women and children.

Animal abuse charges stem from hoarding situation

Many people love animals but lack the means to properly care for them. When other issues exist, such as a tendency for hoarding, individuals could end up overwhelmed by their situations and unable to handle the animals they accumulate. Unfortunately, this could mean that the animals suffer, and owners could face charges for animal abuse.

It was recently reported that two women were taken into custody in Texas after several deceased cats were found on their property as well as dozens of other living animals. Apparently, a relative of the women had made a report with the authorities that the women had a hoarding issue and that several animals were on the property. Officers investigated and obtained a search warrant. During the search, investigators took nine cats and two dogs and later captured 11 more cats on the property.

Young man charged with murder after victim found with head wound

Many people consider taking another life as the worst of crimes, and too many parties are quick to consider someone guilty when accused of such action. Still, even if a person is charged with murder, he or she has the right to create and present a criminal defense against such allegations. It can certainly be difficult to confront such allegations, but the hard work may prove worthwhile.

One young man in Texas is currently facing this challenge after recently being charged. According to reports, authorities received information about a man with a gunshot wound to his head. Apparently, someone found the man lying on the ground and called 911. Authorities located the man, and he was taken to an area hospital where he was put on life support. However, he later succumbed to the injury and was declared dead.

Jury trials are on the decline: Is this a good or bad thing?

Those who are accused of a crime have a fundamental right to a jury trial. Clearly our founding fathers felt this form of trial was important, as they included it in not one, but two different portions of the U.S. Constitution. Yet, the use of a jury trial is fading. Just thirty years ago, jury trials occurred in approximately 10% of all federal criminal cases.

Now, only 2% of federal criminal cases actually get a jury trial.

Manslaughter charge brought against driver after fatal crash

Vehicle accidents can easily cause serious or even fatal injuries. In some cases, the investigation into a crash could result in officers charging a driver with manslaughter or other serious allegations if the incident caused a fatality. A person may already feel guilt-ridden over the death of someone in his or her vehicle, and having to contend with criminal charges can be overwhelming.

One man in Texas is currently facing this type of ordeal after being involved in a fatal crash. According to reports, the 24-year-old man was driving a vehicle at approximately 3 a.m. when he was unable to maintain control. As a result, the vehicle overturned multiple times, and a 22-year-old female passenger was ejected during the incident. No other vehicles were involved.

3 men facing charges for cocaine, other substances after search

The criminal justice system is complicated. Many people barely understand how legal proceedings involving criminal charges work, and when parties are accused of crimes involving cocaine or other drugs, they may worry that they will not know what to do. It is easy for individuals to feel overwhelmed by this type of ordeal.

Three men in Texas will certainly want to do what they can to better understand their predicaments after recently being taken into custody. Authorities recently executed a search warrant at a residence that had been described as a "trap house," or a house or other residence used to conduct drug deals. Officers reportedly received a tip that drug-related activity was taking place at the residence and later conducted the search.

Young man charged with murder after teen girl's death

Being charged with a serious crime at a young age can have lasting consequences. In fact, if young individuals are convicted of an allegation like murder, the rest of their lives could be changed in negative ways. As a result, it is important that young people understand their legal options and what the repercussions of a conviction could mean for them.

One young man in Texas will certainly want to gain information on his defense options after recently being charged with murder. According to reports, authorities went to an apartment complex after receiving a call about a shooting. Officers found a 14-year-old girl with a gunshot wound to her head. Though she was transported from the scene to an area hospital, she succumbed to the injury the next day.

Drug trafficking charges require best defense possible

The label says one thing, but what is actually in the package? Every day, individuals purchase offer packages for sale. Sometimes these are items that an individual produced; sometimes the item being sold was originally purchased from a third party. But, what if the contents of the package do not match what is on the label and the package actually contains an illegal substance? In this case, it is possible that the Texas resident could be charged with drug trafficking.

Recently, a Texas convenience store owner pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Apparently, there were packages in his stores labeled as aroma therapy. However, the packages actually contained synthetic cannabinoids. In addition to carrying these items in his stores, the store owner also admitted to selling these packages to other convenience stores.

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