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Texas woman charged with assault after allegedly hitting husband

When tempers flare, it can be difficult for some individuals to keep their actions under control. Some parties may let their feelings get the better of them, and as a result, they could act in ways that may land them in serious trouble. For instance, if a person becomes angry, he or she may have a violent outburst that could lead to criminal charges for assault.

It was recently reported that a woman in Texas was taken into custody for such charges. Apparently, the woman and her husband had gone to the theater, and at some point during their outing, the woman reportedly asked her husband if she looked pretty. The man stated that he did not hear her question, and as a result, he did not answer. However, the lack of answer apparently made the woman angry.

Joint child custody gaining more favorable opinions

Parents always have a lot on their plates. Between handling their own needs and the needs of their kids, there seems to always be something that must be done. Parenting may become even more of a challenge when Texas parents choose to end their marriages and have to handle child custody issues.

The first issue that often comes up with custody is finding the right arrangement. Legal custody and physical custody are both involved, and in the past, it was common for mothers to obtain sole custody in both areas. However, progress has been made regarding this presumption, and now, joint custody is commonly brought to the table first, especially when it comes to legal custody. This initial presumption allows both parents to make important decisions for the children unless it is proven to the court that one parent should not have this ability.

A long term financial aspect of co-parenting?

It is the season for college acceptance letters, school visits and tough decisions for seniors across the Houston metro. One of the important considerations is the aid package offered by a college or university and who will pay for a child's tuition.

AdobeStock_93185620.college costs crop.jpeg

For divorced parents, questions may range from who completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to whether child support or the income of a stepparent is included? We will cover some basics in this post, but advance planning at the time of the divorce is critical.

Drug trafficking charges brought against 9 in Texas

Crimes that involve drugs are a serious focus of law enforcement. Many agencies have drug task forces and carry out operations specific to making drug busts. Of course, these actions often result in individuals facing criminal charges, including serious allegations for drug trafficking. As a result, those accused now have their own tasks of finding the best options for addressing their cases.

Multiple individuals in Texas are undoubtedly trying to find their most appropriate legal options after recently being indicted on drug trafficking charges. Reports stated that nine individuals were indicted in relation to an alleged drug operation that would involve one or more of the suspects obtaining methamphetamine from Mexico and bringing it into the state and transporting to another state. The substance would then reportedly be sold.

Animal abuse charges stem from calls about neglected dog

Creating a criminal defense that applies to a person's case takes a considerable amount of work. The situation that led to the charges needs assessing, the accused person's goals and wishes need considering, and the laws of the area need to be understood. If an individual faces criminal charges for animal abuse, taking in this information could make a difference in how he or she approaches the legal proceedings.

Two individuals in Texas may be hoping to gain as much information as they can about their current legal predicaments. According to reports, authorities were alerted by concerned citizens about a possible animal abuse case. The calls referred to a dog at a residence that seemed hungry and neglected. Authorities went to the home, and animal control took the dog.

Texas man facing murder charge after officer dies

One of the most serious allegations a person could face relates to homicide. Though homicide can refer to different events that involve the death of a person, murder is typically considered the most severe. This means that if a person faces this charge, he or she has a long road ahead.

One man in Texas is currently facing such a charge. Apparently, the allegation stems from an officer-involved shooting. The man was reportedly driving a vehicle when the officer pulled him over for an undisclosed reason. The officer then asked the man to get out of the car, which allegedly prompted the man to fire 15 gunshots at the officer, causing critical injuries. It was unclear what exact events occurred immediately after the shooting.

Civil asset forfeiture: How does it happen? Are there limits?

Criminal forfeiture allows law enforcement agencies to seize cash, cars and artwork linked to a crime. It requires a criminal conviction; however, it's cousin civil asset forfeiture goes directly after property - often vehicles (even if the owner was not the driver) - and requires no conviction.


Consider a Texas Tribune story related to the case of: State of Texas vs. One 2003 Chevrolet Silverado. The owner loaned her truck to her son to drive his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital. Police stopped him while driving the Silverado, found drugs and charged him with a controlled substance offense. Her vehicle was seized.

Parents may want to consider kids' tuition savings during divorce

Texas parents want the best for their children, and that often includes providing the funds for a college education. Because tuition can be expensive, parents often need to work together to come up with a savings plan. Of course, when parents go through divorce, this issue may become a bit more sensitive.

For some, discussing this future issue before the divorce is finalized may be wise. After all the effects of property division could greatly affect any savings accounts utilized for this purpose. For instance, if 529 accounts were used to put funds directly toward college savings, those accounts likely faced division. In many cases, however, the parent who opened the account or who funded it most often maintains ownership of them.

Man facing charges relating to Xanax, other drug distribution

Authorities often want to crack down on the use and distribution of drugs in their areas. As a result, if the police suspect that a person is conducting drug-related activities involving Xanax or other substances, it is likely that the individual will face serious criminal charges. Fortunately, the situation does not end there, and the accused party has the right to defend against allegations.

It was recently reported that authorities arrested one man in Texas due to suspecting that he was involved in drug-related activity. Apparently, police officers had obtained a search warrant for a hotel room, and the man was presumably in the room at the time. Authorities allegedly discovered Xanax, methamphetamine, ecstasy and drug paraphernalia associated with distributing drugs.

Defense to animal abuse charges important for Texas man

Having criminal accusations brought against a person can make him or her immediately feel on edge. Wanting to defend oneself is commonly an immediate reaction, and it can be an important one when facing serious charges, like those for animal abuse. However, people facing this type of predicament may want to wait until the right time to present their defenses.

One man in Texas may be exploring his possible defense options after recently being arrested. Reports stated that authorities went to a location after receiving a call regarding abandoned dogs. When police arrived at the property, which was a rental, they found two malnourished dogs and one that was deceased. The landlord apparently made the call to authorities and informed them that he had evicted the tenant, who owned the dogs.

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