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Texas residents do not have to feel out of control during divorce

When major life changes occur, it is easy to feel a lack of control. In some cases, Texas residents may not have had much say in the changes that take place, such as when a spouse files for divorce. Though such an event can feel shocking, individuals can take steps to help themselves throughout the upcoming proceedings.

During this time, it is important that parties remember that they have more control than they think. Though a judge may play an important part in coming to the final terms of court orders, the parties involved still have the opportunity to decide which courses of actions could help them work toward the outcomes they hope to achieve. Certainly, not having a great deal of legal knowledge can make individuals feel out of their element, but legal support is available.


People who have been around the criminal justice system are familiar with the term "3G" offense. This term came from Code of Criminal Procedure Article 42.12, Section 3G. The law was re-written in 2017 and is now contained in Code Article 42A.054 as an aggravated crime. But the content is the same. These are serious offenses, such as murder, sex crimes, crimes against children, crimes where a deadly weapon was used or exhibited, among others.

What is genome sleuthing? And is it lawful?

Investigators have used DNA in criminal databases to help solve cases for decades. What is being pulled into these databases is increasing and raises privacy issues. Could a cheek swab to trace your roots through a service like Ancestry.com or 23andMe mean your biological information is public? Many people say yes in hopes of finding out more about where they came from and distant relatives.

AdobeStock_132724347.DNA sleuthing.jpeg

Previously, DNA testing was generally limited to first identifying an accused suspect and then proving enough evidence existed to get a warrant for a legal search. When this information is already out in the public domain, however, law enforcement agencies do not need to go through the same process and can troll through these databases.

Woman charged with abuse, allegedly threw kittens from car

When facing difficult circumstances, some people do not always know how to handle the situation in the best way. As a result, they may take drastic action thinking it will help them solve a problem only to make things harder for themselves. For instance, a person could face animal abuse charges if they attempt to get rid of animals in harmful ways.

It was recently reported that one woman in Texas was taken into custody on such charges. Apparently, a witness called police after allegedly seeing the woman throwing kittens from a moving vehicle. The witness stated that he or she tried to avoid hitting one of the kittens but was unable to do so. After obtaining information about the vehicle, officers conducted a traffic stop.

2 facing drug-related charges after alleged drug deal

It takes a great deal of effort to address criminal charges. When a person is accused of a crime, it may benefit him or her to starting thinking about possible defense strategies soon after the allegations come about, especially for drug-related charges. In such a situation, it is also typically wise to have help when creating a defense.

Two men in Texas will certainly want to look into their legal defense options after recently being charged. Reports stated that one man is a sheriff's deputy and was apparently in uniform when he allegedly participated in a drug deal. Officers had reportedly set up surveillance at a gas station before the deal took place, and they purportedly witnessed the man obtaining drugs from another individual.

2 arrested for murder after robbery has fatal outcome

When an event goes wrong, the outcomes can be far from what was initially expected. Unfortunately, some outcomes can be more severe than others, especially in a situation where a drug deal goes bad and someone suffers fatal injuries. In such a scenario, it is likely for serious criminal charges for murder and other allegations to result.

It was recently reported that this type of situation took place in Texas. Reportedly, a 20-year-old man had gone to the parking lot of the apartment complex where he lived in order to reportedly make a drug deal. However, before making the deal, the young man was robbed by a person in a mask. The masked individual reportedly shot the man one time.

Man arrested in relation to roommate's suspected murder

Being accused of a serious crime can put anyone on edge. Even if a person knows that he or she did nothing wrong, it may still be necessary to defend against allegations, especially if formal charges are filed. In cases where murder is suspected, accused parties may understandably worry about their futures.

It was recently reported that one man was taken into custody in Texas in relation to the death of another man. The accused man was the victim's roommate and was apparently the one to call emergency services. He claims that he arrived home, heard a suspicious noise and called authorities because he was scared. He reportedly also told police that he found the other man dead inside their home.

Child custody: Types of visitation for noncustodial parents

Most Texas parents want the best for their kids, but for whatever reason, some are unable to provide the care and support that their children need. While this situation may not necessarily make them bad people or bad parents, it could result in those parents not having physical custody of their children. Certainly, child custody outcomes can be difficult, and parents who do not have custody may wonder about visitation.

There are two main types of visitation: supervised and unsupervised. If the court believes that the parent cannot or should not be alone with the children, an order will likely be issued for supervised visitation. This arrangement means that another trustworthy adult must be present during visitation sessions. In some cases, the custodial parent may be able to choose the supervisor, and in others, the court may appoint a social worker or another individual to oversee the visits.

Woman facing animal abuse charge after rabbits seized in Texas

Any type of criminal charge needs to be addressed in a thoughtful and determined manner. Though some people may find it unlikely, the reality is that anyone could face a serious criminal matter. Still, each case is different, and someone facing charges for animal abuse may have a different defense course to take than someone charged with another crime.

One woman in Texas recently surrendered to authorities after a warrant was issued for her arrest in relation to an animal cruelty case. Apparently, officers and members of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals went to the woman's home in March and seized over 450 rabbits. It was unclear what caused authorities to go to the woman's home in the first place.

Man disputes evidence used for drug trafficking arrest

Facing criminal charges is an extremely disconcerting experience. Defendants in Texas often feel worried about their future and how to best handle their criminal allegations so that any potential consequences are minimized. For some, clearing their names after a wrongful arrest is also at the top of the list. A man accused of drug trafficking insists that his arrest was all a case of a mistaken identity.

In 2018 police were carrying out an investigation into suspected drug trafficking involving heroin. During the investigation they identified a phone number that was allegedly used by someone to organize the sale and purchase of heroin. Police say the phone number belonged to a Texas man, whom they subsequently arrested.

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