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Will the Supreme Court take on qualified immunity?

Police and other authorities have great power over the communities they serve. They have the ability to stop vehicles, conduct searches and take other measures deemed appropriate to remove those who could be a threat to members of the community. Although many officers use this power honorably, there are a few who do not. This has led to questions about how we hold those who abuse the power accountable for their actions.

The abuses can lead to serious questions. Can victims hold officers accountable if suspects die while in their custody? This question has received media attention with police brutality cases in recent months, but the full reach can extend even beyond these extreme examples. What if an officer pockets expensive collectible coins while executing a search warrant?


Houston, TX - (August 18th, 2018) - Dreams of walking unassisted again have been completely crushed after John "Rudy" Alvarado (62), a previous stroke victim whose use of the right side of his body has diminished, was refused wheelchair service to exit his aircraft in Manilla, Philippines. Mr. Alvarado, who just before his August 2018 trip to the Philippines had high hopes and was working toward his goal of unassisted walking, will likely never be able to walk without assistance again.

Man charged with murder on Texas street corner

It may begin as an accident, a crime of passion, an unintentional outcome or even a case of mistaken identity. Regardless, for the Texas resident being accused of murder, the result is likely the same. This individual is now facing arrest, incarceration and perhaps an extended loss of freedom.

The circumstances surrounding one fatal incident are under investigation. Was it an accident or perhaps the result of a disagreement? Exactly what happened is unknown at this time; however, Texas law enforcement officers are collecting evidence, asking questions and analyzing the scene. They have identified and charged one individual with murder in this incident.

Charges for heroin, meth come against 2 Texas women

Laws can be complicated to understand. As a result, when authorities accuse a person of breaking the law, it can be difficult to know exactly why the charges came about, whether authorities acted appropriately and how to defend against formal accusations. In particular, if individuals are facing drug charges relating to heroin and other substances, gaining information on legal options as soon as possible may be wise.

Two women in Texas may be hoping to address their cases effectively after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the women were in a vehicle when the car almost wrecked. An officer noticed the incident and conducted a traffic stop. Allegedly, the information the women provided when questioned by the officer did not seem to go together, so the officer had his K-9 sniff the vehicle.

3 men accused of drug trafficking activities in Texas

Being indicted on criminal drug charges can make some individuals feel a sense of urgency. They may understand more fully that their predicaments are becoming even more serious and that they will likely need to find the best way to defend against drug trafficking allegations. Because trafficking is one of the more serious drug-related crimes, a conviction for such charges could lead to steep penalties.

It was recently reported that three men in Texas were indicted on trafficking-related charges. Details regarding the investigation and arrests of the men were not provided in the report. Nonetheless, the individuals were accused of conspiracy to traffic methamphetamine. Their ages were given as 24 years old, 27 years old and 31 years old. It was unclear how the three men may have known each other.

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