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Multiple counts of animal cruelty filed against men in moving van

The information a person gains after facing criminal charges can often prove immensely helpful. If an accused individual moves forward with a criminal case without knowing what to expect, the situation may be more difficult than it has to be. Whether parties have been accused of animal cruelty or other allegations, they have the opportunity to obtain legal information and assistance with their cases.

Two men may find it helpful to better understand their predicaments after recently being taken into custody in Texas. Reports stated that the men were driving a moving van, inside of which authorities purportedly found 27 live dogs and one that was deceased. It was unclear what caused authorities to locate or search the vehicle that resulted in the discovery of the animals.

Discussing child custody may help children with divorce

Children are often in vulnerable positions as they grow. Texas parents may be particularly aware of this vulnerability when they choose to divorce. They undoubtedly want to do their best to protect their kids as much as possible, especially when addressing child custody issues and communicating about divorce.

It is common for children to feel confused about this type of situation. As a result, they may ask many questions that parents may worry about answering correctly. Fortunately, most children do not need extensive answers to understand issues like why their parents are divorcing. Some parents simply stop loving each other, and that type of answer may be enough for children without offering too much detail or having to lie about the particulars of the situation.

What makes it difficult to predict alcohol impairment?

It is exactly what makes life so interesting; no two people are exactly the same. This applies to how our bodies react to alcohol.


What may be fine for another person could easily put you over the limit. Whether out for dinner or catching up over cocktails, it is easy to drink more than you planned. It's critical, however, that you have a good understanding of how your own body reacts to alcohol. Not knowing can increase your risk for a collision and can also lead to criminal problems.

Young man facing intoxication manslaughter charge after crash

Accidents happen. It is an unfortunate reality that most everyone has to come to terms with at some point in their lives. For some, the accidents may be less severe than others, but when the situations are serious, some parties could end up facing criminal charges for manslaughter when an accident proves fatal. 

It was recently reported that one man in Texas is currently facing charges after an accident. Reports stated that the man was driving a pickup truck at a high rate of speed when the truck collided with a signal light pole at approximately 1:20 a.m. The driver was reported as being 25 years old, and there was also a 23-year-old passenger in the truck.

Charges relating to cocaine brought against 2 men in Texas

Drug charges can have varying degrees of severity. Because each case is different, it is important for individuals to understand the ways in which they could handle their specific cases. The defense options that may work for one person facing cocaine charges may not work for another individual facing similar charges.

Two men in Texas will certainly want to find the avenues that may work in their best interests after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that an investigation into the men began earlier this month when police were alerted to their presence in a parking lot. One of the men had been asleep in the car, and when police arrived at the scene, they questioned two 21-year-old men. Officers allegedly saw drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the vehicle and conducted a search as a result, which led to the reported discovery of cocaine and other paraphernalia. 

What is parental alienation and how can you avoid it?

This happens when the behavior of one parent harms or destroys the relationship between the other parent and a child or children. It can have devastating consequences for both the kid and parent.

AdobeStock_742317.child dad crop.jpeg

In a limited poll of North Carolina parents more than 10 percent reported being alienated from a child. But of those nearly 50 percent rated the level of alienation as severe. And it often starts early in the divorce process. In this post, we will explain what it looks like and how to fight back.

Man charged with felony animal abuse in Texas

When dealing with any part of the criminal justice system, it can be an intimidating experience. No matter the charges, individuals have the right to understand their legal predicaments, and there are many legal resources available that could help individuals facing animal abuse charges or other allegations. This information can often make a difference in the outcomes of cases.

One man in Texas will certainly want to make sure that he understands the predicament he currently faces. Reports stated that authorities were called to a shopping center after an employee allegedly saw the man hitting and stomping on something behind a dumpster. Whatever the man was purportedly hitting could not be seen on the video. However, authorities allegedly found a dead puppy inside the dumpster. 

Drug charges brought against driver, passenger after traffic stop

No one wants to end up in a predicament where criminal charges have been filed against them. Still, this type of scenario happens to numerous people every day. Rather than feeling out of luck when drug charges are brought against them, individuals may instead want to focus on how they can prepare for their cases.

Two individuals were recently taken into custody in Texas for such charges. Apparently, police had stopped the men's vehicle for an undisclosed traffic violation. For an unknown reason, the officer suspected that the driver may have been hiding drugs inside the vehicle. As a result, a police canine was used to determine whether there were any illegal substances inside the vehicle. The search allegedly resulted in the discovery of over a pound of pills, more than 8 pounds of marijuana and the liquid form of another controlled substance.

Fatal punch leaves Texas man facing manslaughter charges

It is an unfortunate reality that individuals can be considered at fault for a person's death even though they did not intentionally set out to cause fatal injuries. In such cases, parties can face charges for manslaughter, and they may find themselves feeling a great deal of stress and apprehension about the potential outcomes of their cases. As a result, many people in such predicaments do not want to face it alone.

One man in Texas may soon be exploring his options for help and defense after recently being charged in a fatal incident. Reports stated that the man had been out with a woman when she saw a male friend at a convenience store. The woman later told police that she and the man had an intimate relationship in the past, but she did not have such a relationship with the friend.

Divorce and taxes can greatly impact lives

Most people know the saying that death and taxes are the only two certain things in life. However, for some Texas residents, it may seem that divorce and taxes are just as certain. Individuals who are doing through the marriage dissolution process may find themselves closely considering the effect ending a marriage can have on their tax situations.

Alimony is often a sticking point during divorce, and with new changes to federal tax law, it may become an even more contentious point. As of now, the recipient of spousal support bears the obligation of paying taxes on the received amount, and the payor has the ability to deduct the amount from his or her taxes. However, after the end of 2018, that arrangement will reverse, and the payor will have the responsibility of paying taxes on the paid support.

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