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Texas man facing charge for prescription drug possession

Drug charges can have impacts that change people's lives. In cases where convictions occur in relation to prescription drug possession, people could face years or even a lifetime in jail as well as substantial fines. Though these possible outcomes can seem frightening, individuals accused of such crimes can take steps to defend against charges in hopes of obtaining more positive results.

One man in Texas is undoubtedly feeling overwhelmed after recently having felony drug charges brought against him. Reports stated that the man was driving a vehicle when police stopped the car for an undisclosed traffic violation. The officer learned that the man had a suspended driver's license and alleged gang affiliations. The officer then apparently asked to search the vehicle, and the man allegedly consented.

Common Law marriage is REAL in Texas and may entitle you to rights

If you are someone who believes you and a significant other are Common Law married, YOUR RIGHTS MAY NOT BE PROTECTED!

Throughout time our office has encountered many clients and prospective clients seeking rights based on common law marriage but do not understand what is required to establish a valid common law marriage in Texas, and further, do not understand their rights.

3 Myths about protective orders in Texas

The internet is full of misinformation. This is no different when it comes to protective orders. Whether you need help with planning for your safety as a relationship comes to an end or you have been served with an application for a protective order you need sound legal advice.

AdobeStock_111337138.fact versus myth.jpeg

Because each situation is different, speaking with an attorney can often save you time and frustration spinning your wheels with Google searches. It is also the only way to avoid mistakes. Here are a couple myths about protective orders (POs).

Texas man charged with murder after alleged shooting

Every detail of a criminal case could prove useful during legal proceedings. When an individual is facing a severe charge, such as murder, reviewing every aspect of the situation and understanding the allegations could play a significant part in building a meaningful defense presentation. It can take much time and effort to work toward desired outcomes in such serious cases.

One man in Texas will undoubtedly want to thoughtfully approach his case after recently turning himself in to police. It was unclear whether authorities were looking for the man or if he simply came to police of his own volition. In either case, the man's arrest took place in relation to the shooting of another man who died in the incident after suffering a wound to the chest.

Child custody contributes to kids living with single parents

Parents naturally worry about their children and typically try to keep them out of difficult situations as best as they can. It is understandably impossible to protect them from everything, but parents may still have concerns when it comes to considerable changes in their kids' lives. Divorce and child custody arrangements in particular can leave many children in single-parent homes, and that may cause concern for many Texas residents.

Though worry may exist, living with one parent may be the best arrangement for particular families. It was recently reported that one study showed that 32 percent of children lived with an unmarried parent in 2017, which is a considerable increase from 13 percent in 1968. Of that most recent percentage, 21 percent lived with a single mother, and 4 percent lived with a single father. The other 7 percent was attributed to children living with unmarried but cohabiting parents.

Men taken into custody for alleged drug crimes in Texas

Any person could wind up facing criminal charges. Some people may think that they would never find themselves in such a predicament, but circumstances can quickly change. If an individual does find him or herself charged with drug crimes, the conditions under which the arrest took place may play a part in a criminal defense presentation.

It was recently reported that two Texas men were taken into custody for drug-related offenses. Apparently, the two had been approached by undercover police officers who offered to buy nearly 60 pounds of methamphetamine. They reportedly arranged a meet up at a restaurant, and the officers showed the men that they had money for the drugs.

Texas man charged with animal abuse after allegedly beating dog

Facing a criminal charge can suddenly turn any event into a serious predicament. In some cases, a person may have acted without fully thinking through his or her actions or believed that those actions would not have major consequences. However, when an individual ends up having allegations of animal abuse leveled against him or her, the situation can turn much more impactful than originally thought.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas was taken into custody in relation to alleged animal cruelty. Reports stated that the man came under investigation in February after authorities apparently received information regarding the man abusing a dog. It was unclear where the information came from, but the report indicated that the man purportedly beat the dog and threw her on the ground.

Fighting school disciplinary actions

Perspective affects how school conduct is interpreted. A teacher might view something as rude and incendiary, while a student sees it as an accident. Who is correct and why does it matter?

The consequences are innumerable and may even include a juvenile court referral. An honors student excelling in an International Baccalaureate Program might lose a coveted spot or an incident could prompt a referral to a Houston-area Discipline Alternative Education Program.

AdobeStock_1350086.student discipline.jpeg

Texas teens likely need criminal defense info after arrests

In a single alleged criminal event, multiple people could face charges. However, each person accused may want to consider his or her case on an individual level. This means that, even though parties may face the same or similar charges, the manner in which each person chooses to address the allegations may differ. Depending on the circumstances, different criminal defense options may be available.

Five young individuals in Texas may be looking into the best ways to handle their predicaments after recently being arrested. Reports stated that each member of the group is a teenager, but their exact ages were not given. They are accused of having involvement in a shooting that took place at a game room. Allegedly, the five young men entered the gaming facility with handguns and a rifle, and began firing those weapons.

Texas man facing criminal charges for attempted kidnapping

Because there are at least two sides to every story, it is important that individuals who are accused of crimes get their chances to tell their sides. Fortunately, any time a person has criminal charges leveled against him or her, the opportunity to create and present a criminal defense exists. During legal proceedings, individuals could utilize various strategies in order to build a meaningful defense presentation.

One man in Texas is undoubtedly waiting for his chance to defend himself after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man allegedly attempted to kidnap a young girl before being pursued by another civilian. A woman was driving her daughter to school when they purportedly saw the man trying to pull a 17-year-old girl into his truck while the girl was attempting to get away.

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