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Murder charge results after authorities find deceased woman

When a person dies, if the circumstances seem suspicious, authorities typically conduct an investigation. In some cases, authorities may believe that a charge for murder applies. If so, a person accused of such a crime may have a challenging time ahead as he or she works to defend against formal accusations.

One man in Texas may be looking into his defense options after recently being taken into custody. Apparently, authorities conducted a welfare check at a residence after a neighbor had indicated that the woman living in the home did not answer her door. An additional cause for concern was the fact that the woman's dog was reportedly dead on her porch. Authorities found the 73-year-old woman deceased in her home, but details were not provided regarding her cause of death.

Texas man charged with animal abuse after throwing cat in pool

There are many times in life when people come to regret actions that they have taken. This feeling may come on rapidly if a person faces criminal charges due to those actions. In some cases, that regret may come if individuals take their frustrations out on animals and end up being accused of abuse.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas was taken into custody due to allegedly abusing a cat. Apparently, surveillance video from a pool at an apartment complex showed the man throwing a cat into the pool. The cat swam away, but the man reportedly took off his shoe and hit the cat with it as the feline tried to get out of the pool. The man then allegedly threw the cat into the pool again.

What is retaliatory arrest? Which story will the court believe?

In the last Supreme Court term there were few criminal cases. One that did get some attention involved retaliatory arrest. This is when an officer retaliates against someone who is exercising their First Amendment freedom of speech. It also provides a cautionary tale about the subjective nature of memory and experience.


Challenging a law enforcement officer's version of events can be tough following an arrest and criminal charge. One way to level the playing field is to have an experienced defense attorney tell your side of the story. Keep reading this post to learn more about the Supreme Court case.

5 arrested for drug crimes in connection with Texas investigation

Many people may not feel comfortable with the paths their lives are taking. Unfortunately, before they can change direction, some of those paths may result in individuals facing allegations for drug crimes and ending up in a serious legal predicament. Their minds may begin reeling as they wonder how to best handle this type of upset.

Multiple people were recently taken into custody in Texas on drug-related charges. According to reports, five men were arrested in connection with an investigation relating to the importation and distribution of THC and marijuana. Allegedly, the individuals were receiving shipments of the substances and paraphernalia from out of state, and during the course of the investigation, authorities have seized over 220 THC vape cartridges, over 7.5 pounds of marijuana, approximately 1,100 grams of THC concentrates and other items.

Violent crimes: Man charged after altercation with officer

Some people do not always have full control over their actions. If they live with a mental illness, they may face struggles in various ways. Unfortunately, some actions could put others in danger, and physical altercations could lead to criminal charges for violent crimes.

It was recently reported that a 22-year-old man was taken into custody in Texas after an altercation with a police officer. Apparently, authorities were alerted to the man after witnesses called about a man swinging a large metal pipe at passing vehicles while standing at an intersection. When an officer arrived at the scene, the man swung the pipe at the officer. As a result, the officer fired his weapon multiple times at the man, who was injured in the event.

Texas man under investigation for animal abuse

Many people have issues handling their anger and frustrations. Some individuals may lash out against inanimate objects, other people or even animals. When it comes to lashing out at animals, it is possible that a person letting his or her frustration out in a negative way could lead to animal abuse charges.

One man in Texas is currently under investigation for such abuse. A 19-year-old man was sitting in his vehicle when he allegedly saw another man pick up a dog and throw it to the ground. The man in the vehicle then started recording a video on his phone of the dog being kicked, slapped and otherwise hit by the other man. When confronted, the man with the dog said he was not doing anything, took the animal and left.

Is Texas still prosecuting marijuana offenses?

Recent legislation in the state of Texas, now legalizing the use of hemp, has created a conundrum for prosecutors in charge of handling marijuana offenses. The problems stem from the fact that making the distinction between hemp and marijuana is not a simple one.

AdobeStock_143192572.hemp oil.jpeg

The process to prove that a substance is marijuana, instead of hemp, requires a specific and expensive technology. In this post, we will provide more background about the blurring of the line for what is legal and illegal.

Federal charges for cocaine brought against woman in Texas

Police crackdowns on drug-related activity can often result in difficult outcomes for those accused of participation in such activity. They often face serious allegations depending on the exact scenario, and charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies. In some cases, individuals accused of having involvement with cocaine distribution could face the possibility of life in prison.

This type of outcome is currently a possibility for one woman who was arrested in Texas. According to reports, police stopped the woman's vehicle for an undisclosed traffic violation. Details regarding the traffic stop were not given in the report, but for some reason, officers searched the vehicle. During the search, they purportedly discovered cocaine hidden in the door panels of the car. 

Capital murder charges brought against 3 men in Texas

Sometimes it is impossible to predict how an event will turn out. Some people may make a plan to carry out a certain act, but even then the plan could go awry. Unfortunately, when this happens, it could mean that individuals end up facing serious criminal charges, such as those for murder.

It was recently reported that three men in Texas were taken into custody on capital murder charges. Allegedly, one of the men created a plan to rob a 29-year-old man and allegedly enlisted the help of the other two men. The act was to take place a motel, but during the reported robbery, one of the men is said to have fired a weapon. A bullet hit the victim in the face, which resulted in fatal injuries.

At what age do Texas courts ask a child's custody preference?

Child custody is often one of the most difficult issues during divorce and decisions can have lasting consequences. While a judge considers many factors during a custody case - home life, finances, educational and extracurricular activities and stability - child preference can sometimes also enter the calculus.

AdobeStock_168839524.child custody_crop.jpeg

In the state of Texas, a child's preferences are generally considered when they are 12 years of age or older in contested child custody cases. It is crucial to note, that although the child's opinion will be taken into consideration, the judge does not have to follow that request, though they will likely give it proper attention. The only time a child will completely have a say as to which parent they live with is after they turn 18, though as they get closer to that age, their opinion is likely to matter significantly more.

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