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Man likely to review defense options after manslaughter charge

After consuming alcohol, many people do not always make the best decisions. While some individuals may think that the worst outcome will be a drunk driving charge, that is not necessarily the worst-case scenario. In fact, drunk drivers could be involved in a serious accident that leads to fatalities and manslaughter charges.

One man in Texas was recently taken into custody after a crash had fatal outcomes. The details on how the accident took place were not given in the report, but it appears that only one vehicle was involved. Authorities went to the scene of the accident and found three individuals ejected from the vehicle. The 36-year-old man, an 11-year-old child and an 8-year-old child had all been thrown from the vehicle.

Woman facing possession charges after police find heroin

Anyone's life can have ups and downs, and it can be difficult to navigate either at times. For some individuals, their downs can be especially challenging to handle because they may end up in predicaments they have never faced before. For example, if a person faces drug charges for heroin possession, he or she has a long and likely complicated road ahead.

One woman in Texas may be hoping to better understand her dilemma after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that a bystander called police after seeing three children left alone in a vehicle at an apartment complex. Authorities arrived at the scene and found an 8-year-old boy, a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl in the car. The oldest reportedly said that their mother had gone to the bathroom.

Texas teens facing accusations of animal abuse

What some young people may consider fun could easily land them in trouble with the law. They may think that their age will protect them from serious repercussions, but that is not necessarily the case. Even young people can be at risk of facing serious consequences if they stand accused of animal abuse.

It was recently reported that three teenagers in Texas were charged with animal cruelty in connection with an incident that happened earlier this year. Allegedly, a 17-year-old boy, a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old man robbed a convenience store in October. That same night, they purportedly picked up a stray dog and put it in their vehicle. Later that night, the teens supposedly threw the dog out of the vehicle's window and into oncoming traffic.

Aggravated assault charge leveled against young man

Many feelings or scenarios can cause people to act irrationally. In some cases, individuals may act this way due to anger management issues, instability in their lives or other problems that they need help to address. Unfortunately, if they are not able to keep their actions under control, they may end up harming another person and facing criminal charges for assault.

One man in Texas was recently taken into custody after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Apparently, the 19-year-old man and 22-year-old woman had met just three weeks before the man purportedly attacked the woman. She claims that she and the man had gotten into an argument early in the day and that he had attacked her. She also stated that the assault lasted for hours and that the man had punched her several times, put her in a closet and carved his name into her forehead with a knife.

Drug trafficking, other charges stem from investigation

When facing criminal charges, too many people are not aware of their legal rights and options. A lack of information could easily cause a person to give up his or her rights or say too much during a critical part of the investigation. As a result, if individuals are accused of drug trafficking, it is important to gain information relating to their rights before answer questions.

Multiple individuals in Texas may be reviewing their legal options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that a county sheriff's office worked with the Bureau of Narcotics in a neighboring state to investigate a potential methamphetamine trafficking ring. Allegedly, methamphetamine was being brought into the county and into several counties in the southern part of the neighboring state.

Driver charged with drug crimes after meth allegedly uncovered

Many events can cause a person's life to change dramatically, and facing criminal charges is one of them. Though some allegations are less severe than others, individuals who are accused of drug crimes can face serious potential consequences. Of course, in order for those consequences to apply, an accused person must first be convicted of the allegations.

One man in Texas certainly wants to do his best to avoid a conviction after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the man was driving a vehicle when an officer pulled him over for speeding and following too closely. During the stop, the officer allegedly smelled marijuana and conducted a search of the car. The officer reportedly found a cardboard box that contained multiple wrapped bundles.

Police violate constitutional rights during Houston drug raid

The government has officially accused two Houston police officers of violating a couple's Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure when the officers raided the couple's home. The prosecution states the violation occurred on January 28,2019 when the officers raided the home under the guise of official duty.

The raid resulted in an exchange of gunfire. Both residents were killed.

Woman charged after drive-by shooting injures child

The choices that people make do not have to define them for the rest of their lives. Still, some decisions can have immediate consequences that need to be addressed quickly in efforts to mitigate the negative effects those decisions may have. For instance, if a person is accused of participating in a drive-by shooting, he or she may want to look into criminal defense options.

One woman in Texas will undoubtedly want to handle her case as best as possible after her recent arrest. Apparently, the woman planned a drive-by shooting because she believed that a person had stolen drugs and money from her. The shooting targeted the person's house, and the woman allegedly stated that she drove the shooter to the house.

Man arrested for abuse after throwing mother's dog, killing it

Many people are not adept at handling their emotions well. They may have angry outbursts that cause them to carry out actions that they would not have if they were able to keep their emotions under control. Unfortunately, such an outburst that involves harm to an animal could lead to abuse charges.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas is facing such charges after an incident at his mother's home. Apparently, the man had been living with his parents on and off for the last few years, and recently, he asked his mother if he could bring a woman home to have intimate relations. The mother refused to allow the woman to come over. This refusal angered the man, and as a result, he picked up his mother's dog and threw it.

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