In Defense Of A Father's Rights

When parents are unmarried, separated or divorced, questions about child custody and child support often lead to a discussion of parental rights: a mother's rights, a father's rights or both. Family law courts give the highest priority to the best interests of the child when families split up. The gender of the parents is, in theory, a neutral factor leading to determination of custody, visitation and support.

An Advocate For Parents In Family Law Matters

If you are a father in a separation or divorce situation, you need to understand your rights and responsibilities. You may be asked to pay child support or you may qualify to receive child support from your soon-to-be ex-wife. You may wonder how to work out a feasible custody and visitation schedule that will support your parental instincts and protect the bond you deserve to have with your child.

At Mingledorff Law in Houston, we value our clients' families. We zealously represent both fathers and mothers in family law matters. We empathize with every member in co-parenting situations. We do not want your legal challenges to interfere with your parent-child relationship(s). We are prepared to personalize our counsel on issues of divorce and child custody orders to your unique circumstances.

Our role as counselors at law means we represent each client's position to the best of our abilities. We know from experience how most family law judges in Texas courts will interpret the best interests of the child. We are confident we can help you protect your parental rights in a co-parenting arrangement or as a father or mother with sole custody.

Grandparents' Rights

You may be a grandfather or grandmother wondering how to preserve access to your grandchildren in times of family change. A careful review of the facts with an attorney is the most important first step you can take toward resolving your family law situation. Each case is unique. Are you in a parental role with a grandchild, seeking legal tools to enable you to care for them with authority to make decisions for them? Do you wonder how to retain your connection to your grandchild(ren) when your child — one of the parents — is deployed overseas in the military, is in drug treatment, is separated or divorced from the other parent or has died? We can help you explore options that may apply in your circumstances.

Our Houston Law Firm Is Equipped To Safeguard A Father's Rights

If you enlist a lawyer at our firm to advocate for you in a custody and support matter, you can count on clear communication and effective advocacy. Call 281-810-9721 or send us an email inquiry.