Child Support Orders And Modifications

Parents are expected to care for their children. This may include decision-making about issues such as enrollment in school and attention to preventive medical care. It also includes financial support in most cases. As part of your divorce and/or child custody arrangement, you may be asked to pay child support or you may be eligible to receive child support from the other parent.

Child support in Texas, as in other states, is calculated with a formula supplied by the state. The child support calculator takes into consideration each parent's income and expenses, as well as where the child spends most of his or her time when arriving at numbers for child support payments.

Although the formula seems straightforward, there are often questions about how to honestly enter information and how to determine whether the other parent has supplied accurate information.

What about your family's situation? Which parent will pay child support to the other, and in what dollar amounts? What about seasonal employment, tips, bonuses, fluctuating income and business expenses? Talk to a family law attorney for guidance.

And if there is already a child support order in place but you believe there is reason to ask for it to be adjusted, ask your lawyer about requesting a child support modification.

Review The State Guidelines For Determining Child Support

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