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Man charged with trafficking $300,000 worth of cocaine

Every day, thousands of people travel up and down Texas highways. For the most part, these individuals are law-abiding citizens who are on their way to work, home or some other typical destination. Unfortunately, there are also the few individuals who utilize Texas highways as a way to transport drugs such as cocaine. For this reason, Texas law enforcement remains alert for signs of such activity.

Recently, law enforcement officers became suspicious of a 38-year-old male who was traveling between Houston and Austin. During a month-long investigation, officers determined that drugs were being brought into Houston and then transported to Austin. Their investigation led them to believe that this particular individual was a central figure in the distribution network and would be the one to transport the drugs.

Two individuals charged with murder in death of hotel clerk

Whenever a crime has been committed, Texas law enforcement officers are vigilant in pursuing leads and identifying suspects. This process often involves interviewing witnesses and identifying persons of interest. Many times, these persons of interest are then sought after in order to further the investigation. This is especially true if it is a murder investigation.

Recently, a hotel front desk clerk was murdered. Law enforcement officers indicate that several persons of interest were identified as the result of their investigation and leads provided by the general public. Two arrests have been made in connection with this case, and one other individual is currently being tracked down.

Texas jail cells filling up after major heroin bust

At least 12 of the 40 people recently arrested in Texas were reportedly targeted by drug task force investigators. Authorities say they seized substantial amounts of heroin as well as other contraband in the investigation. Some of those arrested may face life in prison, if convicted.

Both state and federal authorities are involved in the situation. Investigators say they also found more than 14 kilos of methamphetamine, three guns and more than $180,000 in cash. Reportedly, multiple residences in the San Antonio area were searched.

Alternatives to jail for veterans charged with crimes

Specialty rehab courts, such as drug court with a focus on treatment, are not a new concept. Those directed specifically toward veterans and the unique issues they face are.

AdobeStock_165627898. alt sentence.jpeg

In 2008, New York established the first veterans' court program in the country. Texas was not far behind and started its own version in 2009. Today, there are several of these programs across North Texas. The Harris County Veterans' Court (HCVC) program helps vets address mental health issues and provides treatment for addiction.

Texas teenagers charged with murder of another teen

Shots are fired and panic strikes fear in the hearts of those in the vicinity. Law enforcement officers arrive and begin to ask questions. Emergency personnel also arrive and begin to treat the injured. Fortunately, the average Texas resident never experiences a scenario such as this one where murder and injury prevail.

In one recent incident, a young man who just graduated from high school was shot and killed. The shooting occurred during the early morning hours at a local apartment complex. In the wake of this tragedy, two other teenagers have been arrested for his murder.

Texas officers arrest 39 on drug trafficking charges

Throughout Texas, neighbors tend to watch out for each other. When one goes out of town, a neighbor will often keep an eye on the house to make sure everything is okay. As a general practice, whenever neighbors see something suspicious happening, they will notify the local authorities. Many times, these tips lead to arrests for crimes such as drug trafficking. Other times, these tips have little to no foundation.

In recent history, residents of one community have expressed concern regarding possible drug related activity in their community. This concern apparently led to a seven-month investigation by a number of law enforcement agencies. In the end, a total of 39 individuals were arrested and approximately 11 pounds of what is believed to be methamphetamine was confiscated. Law enforcement officers claim that those arrested were primarily street-level and middle-level drug dealers.

Skilled legal counsel can help avoid problems due to paperwork

Paperwork can be both a help and a hindrance. Many times, the paperwork trail provides proof that a job was completed or that something was agreed to. However, paperwork can also get misplaced, lost or even destroyed. Paperwork can be essential to many Texas businesses and business owners. Without the proper paperwork, it is possible that the individual will need the services of skilled legal counsel to prevent or minimize problems.

Recently, a Texas builder was charged with a felony related to a government document. This builder is currently constructing a custom home and was asked to produce an inspection certificate. The builder did submit the certificate; however, the city building official who requested it was unable to verify the certificate. The firm that was responsible for completed the inspection claimed that the home had failed inspection and that the certificate the builder submitted was a forgery.

When man's best friend bites

Pet ownership is both a joy and a privilege. Animals, particularly dogs, provide unconditional love, companionship and entertainment to tens of millions of Americans. Dogs have been proven to help lower blood pressure and anxiety levels. Furthermore, specially trained service animals can help PTSD victims cope, guide their blind owners safely across busy traffic, and alert others when seizures occur.

The benefits of pet ownership are common knowledge, but the simple fact remains that dogs, even loving, domesticated ones we are very familiar with, can attack. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that around 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, and about 20 percent of those go on to acquire a potentially serious infection.

20-year-old facing multiple murder charges

Many times, individuals are judged based upon who they associate with. If one associates with a group of individuals suspected of being part of a gang or participating in criminal activity, then it is common for the public and even some law enforcement officials to assume that the individual is part of this too. Texas law enforcement officials are now on the hunt for one such individual whom they believe to have committed murder on two separate occasions.

According to police reports, this 20-year-old man is accused of killing a 16-year-old boy in 2016. It is believed that this boy was witness to several murders allegedly committed by gang members associated with the accused. Officers also claim that he killed a member of the gang to which he is believed to be a part. Witnesses apparently claim that they saw the young man shoot a gun at the deceased.

Driver stopped for speeding, charged with drug trafficking

Drugs are a serious problem throughout Texas. They can often be found in homes, schools, vehicles and almost anywhere else one can think of. As such, law enforcement officers actively seek out and arrest those whom they believe to be responsible for the drug trafficking problem throughout the state.

Recently, a 23-year-old woman was said to be speeding along a Texas highway. According to officers, the woman originally indicated that she was on her way to a work meeting several hours away. In addition to this woman, a female passenger and the driver's 4-year-old child were in the vehicle. The passenger indicated that the driver picked her up from her home and that she was to babysit the child.

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