Defense Against Charges Of Crimes On School Premises

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Crimes that occur in an academic setting often have unforeseen consequences, including administrative action by the school or school board. At Mingledorff Law Firm, we are experienced in handling these types of charges and helping our clients protect their rights against suspension and expulsion.

For Students

Given our experience in juvenile defense, we are an established resource for students accused of criminal activity on school grounds. We frequently work with students and their parents to provide comprehensive support, whether it involves trying a case in criminal court or representing the student before the school board.

Many young people make mistakes, and it is not fair for a mistake to affect the rest of your life. We will help you mitigate the consequences of criminal allegations in order to protect your academic career, your record and your long-term future.

You do not technically have to be on school grounds to experience the consequences of a crime in a school zone. Many crimes, such as weapons offenses or drug violations, have enhanced penalties when they take place within a certain distance from a school. Contact Mingledorff Law Firm at 281-810-9721 to learn more.

For Teachers

Criminal charges come with extremely high stakes for teachers. In addition to penalties like fines or jail time, you may face the risk of your license and, ultimately, your career. At Mingledorff Law Firm, we represent teachers in teaching license defense against such misconduct charges as:

  • Drug charges
  • Assault of students or other teachers
  • Improper discipline
  • Fraud or embezzlement

We know that teachers are essential contributors to our communities and society, and we aim to give them the hands-on, dedicated disciplinary hearing representation they deserve. Our criminal defense attorneys assist teachers in criminal matters while also protecting their interest in administrative and licensing matters.

Contact Our Houston, Texas, Lawyers For Crimes On School Premises

Because crimes on school premises come with such harsh consequences, it is of the utmost importance to seek representation as soon as possible — ideally before you speak to your school administration or employer.

At Mingledorff Law Firm, our attorneys can help you build a strong defense and protect your future. To learn more, please contact us at 281-810-9721 for a free initial consultation.